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Our program accepts ages 3-18 and skill levels beginner through advanced athletes.  Everyone that attends our Team Placement clinic will be placed on one of our teams!

Contact Alex for more information regarding our National Championship

all star cheerleading program!



Our Twister program was created with the vision that every girl can be a star! We offer teams for every child, no matter what their skill, age, or commitment level. By offering a level for every child, we are able to nurture our athletes with the type of coaching they deserve. Working with hundreds of young cheerleaders in the past 6 years, we believe all athletes are different and grow physically in skill and mentally in readiness, at different levels no matter what their age. We believe these levels need to be coached differently, to create a love for the sport for beginners, boosting esteem and teamwork, but to also offer a challenging and competitive aspect for those athletes that thrive for more.


We promise to give each and every athlete every tool necessary for them to advance as far as their hard work will take them. We take a personal interest in EVERY athlete that wears a Twister uniform. We will challenge them, push them, and motivate them to go further than they have ever gone before with their training, discipline, and dedication.


We feel our growth and success each year is a testament to our coaching style, how we conduct business, our relationships with our students and families, the growth of our student’s skills, and how we are able to do all of this while creating CHAMPIONS in the gym and in their life!

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