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Please read through several parent testimonials below and feel free to contact
them personally to speak further about our company and programs we offer.

This program is more than just a cheer gym, it is a family. We have been with this gym for 6 years (since day one!) and this gym has taught our daughter so much more than just cheer. She has learned to be a leader, how to function properly on a team where it feels like your 2nd family, and how to push herself to be the best she can be while keeping a balance on exactly how to properly progress to the next skill level without injuries. The coaches have worked with all the girls over the year, taking special care to encourage and produce strong hard working athletes. My daughter is now 13 and I can't begin to tell you how much this gym means to us and her. She has made life long friendships that is worth more than any wins or trophies. She is surrounded by excellent role models daily and that has been one of the main reasons we have loved her spending a lot of time there. Now speaking of wins and trophies; while doing all of that this gym has grown and progressed into being top contenders in many competitions. They are always thinking of how to improve and grow the program while still offering a team for every athlete. This gym has been to the Summit for going on 4 years now and we compete competitively each year. The fact that this gym can do that and still maintain a family feel from the owner to the coaches, to the girls on the teams to the families of the girls - that feeling is priceless!!


My daughter has been a part of the ACX Twisters program for 3 years. Throughout the  years she has been there, my daughter has been taught the importance of teamwork and commitment. The coaches are very engaged with every girl in the program and take the time to learn each girl's strengths and weaknesses. Not every athlete who participates in this sport will have natural talent at all the different aspects of cheer, but I think this organization does a fantastic job at focusing more on the athlete's willingness to work hard and be a "coachable" part of the team. The entire program is very organized and does a great job communicating about competitions and changes in practices, etc. Anytime I have ever had a question or needed to discuss something, Michaela has always made time to speak with me personally. The entire coaching staff always greets you with a smile and it is obvious they love the girls and their jobs. My daughter's confidence has blossomed tremendously since being in this program and every coach on the staff is someone she can look up to as a positive role model. This gym is a first-class operation and there is no other program I would want my daughter to be a part of! 


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