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Our History

Our Twister program was started in 2010 with 32 talented girls from our after school classes that made up our first 2 teams.  Over the past 6 years, we have grown to over 150 talented athletes!  WE have a 98% return rate each year, that we believe is attributed to the family feel in our program and great coaching staff.


We have made our mark in the competitive cheerleading world and have a distinguished reputation for being one of the gyms with the cleanest routines and amazing technique and form.


We have won 29 National Championship titles in the past 6 years, along with numerous awards and recognitions.  


We have teams for all ages and skill levels, ranging from exhibition performance teams, prep competitive teams, and advanced competitive teams.  Our exhibition teams perform locally around Columbia, entering 1-2 competitions for fun each year.  Our prep teams compete locally 4-5 times a year in South and North Carolina.  Finally, our advanced competition teams compete 6-7 times a  year in South Carolina and the surrounding states at nationally ranked competitions.


Our season starts in May and runs until April of the following year.  However, we accept athletes all throughout the season!  Please contact us if your child is interested and we can set up a private evaluation!


Phone: (803) 237-4995   Email:

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